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There’s nothing better than a long soak in the tub followed by a delicious body moisturiser to ease away the remnants of a rubbish day. With winter well on its way, I have changed my products to more oil based ones as I find that they are a lot more nourishing to my scaly, dry skin. These are the ones that have taken center stage in my bathroom…

Bath oils

Charlotte Rhys Bath Oil No. 17 (R177 from Charlotte Rhys): I love the No.17 fragrance, its clean and fresh which is right up my alley for everyday use. It has top notes of yuzu, bergamont, lemon and tarragon; heart notes of lily of the valley, nutmeg, water lily and reseda; and base notes of cedar wood, sandlewood and musk. This isn’t a very heavy bath oil and so I use it most days to help keep my skin super nourished. Charlotte Rhys have also recently added perfumes to their already impressive offering: Perfume Oud Blanche (enigmatic and seductive), Perfume Oud Noir (mysterious, exotic and alluring) and Eau De Portugal (sophisticated and seductively masculine), all of which are available on their online store.

SOil Uplifting Coconut Organic Bath Oil (R220 from SOil): I popped this bath oil onto my birthday wishlist over here and a few days later a bottle of it landed on my doorstep thanks to the kind folk at SOil – how spoilt am I?! This is a much thicker bath oil compared to the Charlotte Rhys one and so I only use it once a week or so. The fragrance is uplifting and just lovely – a blend of coconut, grapefruit and lemongrass.  After I have hopped out of the bath, I don’t need to worry about applying a moisturiser as this bath oil has nourished my skin to the max, such a win because I’m often way to lazy to apply anything before jumping into my jammies.

Lulu & Marula Calming Bath Oil (R290 from Lulu & Marula): I had seen some images of the locally made Lulu & Marula products floating about online but it wasn’t until I read a post on Hey Arrie that I decided I had to get some for myself. Let me just tell you, this bath oil is ah-mazing! You use such a tiny amount and it fills the whole bathroom with the most gorgeous scent of lavender, frankincense, neroli and geranium; all of which also help stimulate cell renewal and have healing properties. There is also some ylang ylang and rose essential oil popped in to help hydrate the skin and calm irritations. I love that this oil isn’t too thick and even though you use such a tiny amount, it still really leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and the mind eased of any stress.

Body oils

Oh Lief Natural Body Oil with Green Rooibos and Roman Chamomile (R199  from Oh Lief): My skin gets ridiculously dehydrated during the cold, dry months and so, much to my dismay, I actually have to put in the extra effort. This includes making sure that my skin is moisturised, and not just at night. The lovely ladies from Oh Lief sent me a parcel just after Aria was born full of goodies for her, but also one or two things for mama (thanks gals!), one of which was this body oil. Now, I had never used a body oil before, the thought of it just wasn’t appealing to me – I don’t like feeling like my skin has “another layer” on top of it. Boy, oh boy was I wrong! This body oil has become a staple for me every single morning. I spritz some on, rub it in and my skin drinks it up, leaving no oily residue – yay! Besides Rooibos having antioxidant properties, it is also 200 times more potent than vitamin E, making it that much more nourishing for the skin.

Lipidol Cleansing Body Oil (R79.95 from selected Clicks stores): I had never used anything from Lipidol before (shock, horror!) and so when a few of their products were sent to me I was really keen to use them ASAP. This Cleansing Body Oil was the first thing I used and I really like it, especially for my morning shower. It has an awesome zesty, lime fragrance that instantly wakes you up, something I definitely need as the mornings get darker and colder. I do find that I need to use a fair amount on my loofah to be able to wash my entire body, but I don’t mind. My skin is left feeling fantastic and I smell amazing – two birds, one stone, love it!


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    May 23, 2016 at 12:55 pm

    I am all about wholesome body treatment and since its winter I have been looking into buying a body oil but mainly one I can use in the shower, you know for that extra moisture.

    I love the Soil uplifting coconut bath oil, their oils are just great I use their base and essential oils for my face.

    Enjoyed the blog post. Good Read 😉

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