Avon Far Away Rebel EDP

I’m sure I’m not the only one that’s been noticing Avon more and more. Recently their new foundation, True Colour made waves and I always hear about how great the Mark nail polishes are. Their latest launch though is a new addition to the Far Away family; Avon Far Away Rebel.

This brand new fragrance from Avon has been my go to over the past week or so since I received it as it is so versatile and transitions from day to night seamlessly. Encapsulated in a gorgeous purple hued bottle, it emulates a woman’s curves and really makes a statement on your dressing table.

Far Away Rebel is a sultry yet sweet fragrance which makes it perfect for every day use, as well as a date night. With delicious opening notes of crème de cassis and fresh orange blossom, and finishing notes of salted chocolate and toffee it really is a treat for the senses, one that Avon describes as “an alluring blend of naughty and nice”.

Besides the fragrance being absolutely wonderful, Avon has brilliant price points. To find an agent in your area, simply hop over to the Avon website, simple as that.

*This post has been sponsored by Avon

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