The Annapatat Party Dress, perfect for the festive season

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes and saying “Sarah, are you honestly speaking about the festive season, already?!”, but yes, yes I am. I figure that if the Christmas decor is up in Pick n Pay already, it’s socially acceptable to start chatting about the upcoming silly season. Now, your littlie may not be the one up until midnight to ring in the new year, and she probably won’t be attending the office Christmas party, but I am sure that there will be some social engagements where you will want her to look absolutely gorgeous, and the Annapatat Party Dress is perfect for just that.

I always like to give you some background on local brands that I feature, so here is a little bit about Annapatat Kids. Dedicated to creating high quality clothing for both boys and girls, Annapatat garments are beautifully whimsical but always functional. Anneke, the brains behind the brand, loves to mix and match quirky clothing and so you will notice that most of the garments from Annapatat are interchangeable with each other. An added bonus is that they create garments for 0-3 months, all the way to 5-6 years. This is definitely the place to shop if you are looking for a beautiful piece of clothing for a special occasion.

I have posted about Annapatat Kids before over here, so you must know how much I love the brand if I’m chatting about them again!

The first thing I noticed about the Annapatat Party Dress is how incredibly soft the fabric is, even the gorgeous lace skirt, it isn’t scratchy at all. The colour is also something that sets this dress apart from the others hanging in Aria’s closet; the dusty pink is such a soft, gentle shade that goes with so many other colours in terms of shoes and a jersey if it’s a bit chilly.

I love the fit of the Annapatat Party Dress, the cinched in waist is a lovely little detail, and the knee length is just perfect for busy little girls who never sit still for a minute. Maybe Aria just has a big head, but I often battle when putting dresses and t-shirts on her, but that’s not the case with this dress, it slipped on with ease.

Saving the best for last, how incredibly gorgeous is the sequin Peter Pan collar? The gold sequins are densely packed with no gaps, but also but also not too dense that it makes the fabric so heavy that it droops. I absolutely love this showstopper addition, it gives the dress as a whole a very festive look, perfect for a party!

Dress: Annapatat

Shoes: Woolworths




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    Janel Sunderlall
    March 26, 2018 at 7:47 pm

    I would buy the ballet dress for my little girl😍

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