A family photoshoot in the sunflowers

One random Saturday morning I was scrolling away on Facebook, as one does, when I saw someone mention that a neighbourhood close by had planted and grown a little patch of sunflowers. Forever on the lookout for Instagrammable spots close by, I rounded up my sister and the girls and hunted down the sunflowers!

When we found them they were on a random traffic circle and only about 1.5m x 1m big. None the less, I snapped some photos of the girls, because it’s not every day that you find a random patch of sunflowers, is it?

I can’t really remember how it came about (there’s that brain fog again), but Tam and I must have been chatting again and the next thing you know, we were planning a family photoshoot in the sunflowers for the weekend! I’ve been working with Tam over the last year or so and we are just creative kindred souls, when we work together, we do so seamlessly and she always captures my vision so perfectly… plus she’s super quick without compromising on quality which is a massive plus in my books.

Anyway, needless to say that I was beyond excited for this photoshoot – I just knew that Tam would create absolute magic in the late afternoon sunlight (despite all day rain the previous day threatening our plans) and boy did she do just that. I think that these are possibly my favourite photos that she has done for me to date.

Tam, thank you for this amazing gift, it is one that I will treasure for years and years to come.

BOOYENS-13 (2)
BOOYENS-11 (2)
BOOYENS-12 (2)
BOOYENS-10 (2)
BOOYENS-32 (2)
BOOYENS-30 (2)
BOOYENS-29 (2)
BOOYENS-27 (2)
BOOYENS-20 (2)
BOOYENS-25 (2)
BOOYENS-16 (2)
BOOYENS-34 (2)
BOOYENS-35 (2)
BOOYENS-37 (2)
BOOYENS-40 (2)
BOOYENS-44 (2)
BOOYENS-41 (2)
BOOYENS-43 (2)
BOOYENS-50 (2)
BOOYENS-54 (2)
BOOYENS-58 (2)
BOOYENS-51 (2)
BOOYENS-61 (2)
BOOYENS-64 (2)
BOOYENS-63 (2)
BOOYENS-65 (2)
BOOYENS-68 (2)
BOOYENS-69 (2)

I hope that these photos brought a little bit of sunshine-y happiness to your day like they did when they landed in my inbox.

If you’d like some beautiful keepsakes like these, get in touch with Tam (Tamaryn Lee Photography) to chat about what you’d like.

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