A classic Classic Christmas Table Setting

One of my favourite things of the festive season is hosting our friends and family in our home for a meal. And with that comes a beautiful festive Christmas table setting.

I absolutely love setting the table and adding bits and pieces to make it look festive and beautiful. Over the years I’ve collected some pieces that can be used for almost every single occasion, all I had to do for this classic Christmas table setting was add a few finishing touches.

Here’s the Reel I put together for you to see a few of the different elements.

The table setting

Some of the pieces that I have are yonks old so I’ve scoured the net to find similar ones and have linked them all below.

Beige tablecloth: to be honest, I just use a single curtain drop. Works well and it’s the perfect colour for a festive table.

Woven placemats: these are the exact ones that I have.

Wine goblets: mine are from Mr Price Home but they seem to be discontinued. I love the pattern on them, it really adds something extra to the table setting.

Gold under plates: I wasn’t going to use them but then in the end, the glitz and glam won.

Grey ribbed tumblers: mine are from PEP home a few months ago, I have seen them in a couple of stores but it’s not often.

Grey fabric napkins: a classic colour, you can’t go wrong.

Wooden serving board: I have so many wooden serving boards, this rectangle one is perfect for serving starters or even a small centerpiece.

Speaking of centerpieces, this is something I usually battle with when it comes to setting the table; I love the look of flowers and foliage but when it’s in the middle of the table, it makes it a bit more difficult to serve the food.

After thinking about it for a bit, I decided to make a floating centerpiece and honestly, it was pretty easy!

I bought a bunch of eucalyptus and dried flowers and then secured them in small bunches to a wooden dowel with cable ties. There really wasn’t any rhyme or reason to it, I just tied and secured where ever looked right. Once it looked full enough I secured it to a very convenient hanging light fitting that we have, with fishing line. It looked great but to add a little bit of pizazz, I added some hanging gold Christmas baubles, also with fishing line.

Place setting

Honestly, I think this is my favourite part of the festive table setting and these personalised baubles are so easy to make. I bought my clear baubles from Evermore but here are some Takealot that look great! To create these specific ones I filled them with a little piece of dried eucalyptus and then also a few small white pom poms.

I added my guests names in gold vinyl (pro tip: find yourself a friend with a Cricut ;)) and then once I had put them together, I added a piece of gold sting so that they could be hung up on the tree. Aren’t they so stunning?

What we ate

For starters Irina made a delicious caprese salad as well as some salmon crostini and also mushroom and goats cheese crostini. There was also a gorgeous cheese board that Cassidy made.

I did the mains and it turned out really well! I made Half Baked Harvest garlic mash which was so delish! I also served honey glazed carrots and a rib eye roast. Cassidy made a yummy crunchy green salad.

And then for dessert I made air fryer ice cream bombs which were so yum, don’t skimp on the sauce, trust me!

This was the first Christmas party of three that I’m hosting and it definitely got me into the festive swing of things and got me feeling all inspired for the other two that I will be hosting over the next couple of weeks. I hope that this gave you some Chrsitmas dinner party ideas too and that it gives you all the Christmassy feels.

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