6 Body lotions worth giving a bash

Summer is here which means we will be showing off a lot more leg than we were a few weeks ago. If your skin is looking a little worse for wear (super dry and scale like), then this post is for you. I’ve rounded up my favourite body lotions (and one body oil), each with their own special little feature.

Enough chit chat though, lets just jump right in!

Optiphi Body Curve Evergreen Body Lotion

Great for: everyday hydration

This body lotion has the perfect summery scent; fresh and clean making it fab to slap on every morning. I’m not usually one to put on a lotion in the morning, I don’t like the feeling of an “extra layer” and often, it makes my clothes stick to my skin which is not ideal when it’s hot. However, this lotion from Optiphi is as light as a feather but still does a really good job of hydrating the skin due to the whack of Allantoin that is in the product. What Allantoin does is help to protect the skins barrier layer, minimising TEWL (Trans Epidermal Water Loss). The ingredient that makes this product extra special though is Lactic Acid, a great exfoliant which will smooth the skins texture, making it look less scale like and have a smoother appearance.

LUSH Sleepy Body Lotion

Great for: assisting with sleep

There is so much hype online surrounding this product that it’s almost always sold out. While I don’t think it helped me fall asleep any faster, when I did fall asleep, it was definitely much better quality sleep than what I am used to and so I will continue to use it during stressful times (this is when the quality of my sleep takes a serious nose dive). In terms of hydration and nourishment, it’s pretty darn good as well. The oatmeal infusion and lavender (the main ingredient that helps with sleepy time), also make it an ideal lotion for those that have slightly sensitive skin as they both have calming properties. Personally I am not a big fan of lavender and so I wasn’t really expecting to enjoy the scent, but it is surprisingly pleasant and not very lavender-like, two thumbs up for me.

Lamelle Serra Body Lotion

Great for: sensitive, irritated skin

This tube of relief came to my rescue a week or so ago, my skin was incredibly dry, to the point that it was ridiculously itchy. It had a lovely cooling and soothing effect on the skin and after a few minutes, the itchiness had subsided. Packed with Ceramide P, the Lamella Serra Body Lotion restores the skins barrier, relieving the skin of any irritation or feelings of sensitivity. I love that although this cream is incredibly nourishing, it is still very light weight and absorbs really quickly into the skin. I’ve also used this product on Aria a few times and it works an absolute treat, well worth looking into if you or babe have sensitive skin.

Nivea Creme

Great for: dry patches and areas

Doesn’t this tin make you super nostalgic? Although the Nivea Creme comes in a sizable tub, I much prefer this little tin as it is not a product that I use all over my body. I have this odd little dry patch on my arm that just stays put, no matter what I do, the Nivea Creme makes it a lot less dry and prominent and so I pop it on whenever I remember. This product from Nivea is also fab for other typically dry areas like knees and elbows, I even use it on Aria’s elbows when they get super dry. Just keep in mind that this is an intensively nourishing creme and so it is quite thick and not at all lightweight. So unless that’s the type of consistency you enjoy in a body product, just stick to the dry spots.

Clere Radiance Body Lotion

Great for: evening application

Although this is a body lotion, it is ever so slightly thicker and so when I used it, I much preferred to apply it at night than in the morning. This body lotion has 5 different oils added to it, argan, olive, coconut, magnolia and caster oil to help nourish your skin. Clere claims that, above nourishing and moisturising the skin, it will also help to even out the skin tone. Now I didn’t use it for long enough to notice a difference in my skin tone but I was impressed by how much more moisutrised my skin felt when I woke up the next morning so this product is definitely worth a bash, and it’s super affordable as well.

Johnson’s Vita-Rich Firming Body Oil

Great for: lightweight nourishment at night

This is a brand new release from Johnson’s and is available in two different variants: Green Tea and also Red Berry. I received both but my personal preference is Green Tea, it’s fresh and clean scent really appeals to me. Red Berry has a sweeter scent and I am sure there are many of you who will much prefer this. The biggest feature of these new body oils is that they are supposed to noticeably firm your skin within 4 weeks as well as even out the skin tone. I haven’t used mine long enough to give my verdict on that, but if you have, please let me know what you thought in the comments. What I can say is that this is probably one of the very few body oils that I actually reach for; it sinks into the skin immediately, there is zero oily residue and its incredibly lightweight. I think that this is a really good alternative for those ridiculously hot summer nights when you still want to apply something really nourishing but the thought of a heavy body product makes you break out in a sweat.

Which one of these body products is on the top of your list or have you already tried any of these, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

I’m off to the shops now, and you know what that means: I’ll probably come home with more beauty products than groceries. Oooops!



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    Mariska Goussard
    September 21, 2017 at 4:36 am

    I loved this post! Need some serious pampering for my dry skin and this came in very handy! I have had my eye on the Lush Sleepy body lotion since you mentioned it a few weeks ago on your SM. It is rather difficult to get hold of, but I am determined and cannot wait to get my hands on it 🙂

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    everyday smokey eye tutorial
    June 24, 2022 at 11:13 am

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