making memories with Kids Emporium + 5 tips for taking photos with your baby

Look at that crazy kid of mine with her stick. She really is a special one isn’t she?

A month or so ago Mandy Lee Miller asked me if I would be interested in working with Kids Emporium¬† on a project as part of their Making Memories campaign. In July the Bedfordview Kids Emporium worked with Soria Grobler from So…Photo Studio and I was pretty excited for her to capture some moments with our little family.

Sarah_ (35)

I’ve never been a huge fan of studio photoshoots and so after sending her tons of inspiration, Soria and I decided that Huddle Park in Linksfield would be the ideal spot for our photographs to be taken. And so early one Saturday morning we piled Aria into the car, tutu and all for our first photo session as a family.

Sarah_ (17)

You can tell Soria is a mama, she was so good with Aria and was exceptionally patient when our little bug was more interested in looking at the trees than looking at the camera. I’m really happy with how the photographs came out but it’s no easy feat getting a little one to co-operate and so here are some tips to help you on your next family photoshoot…

Sarah_ (46)1.Schedule your shoot time for just after your little one’s nap. You don’t want them to be cranky so just before a nap isn’t ideal. We did ours about 30min after Aria’s first nap and it worked really well.Sarah_ (24)2. Make sure your kid is fed. No one likes to be hangry and it’s definitely not ideal when you are trying to capture special memories. You can even pack some snacks in case energy levels start to run low.Sarah_ (13)3. Pack an extra outfit, just in case. You know what kids are like, they vom up their milk, chew on their clothes and generally get messy so make sure you have a plan B.Sarah_ (49)4. Don’t be too regimented. Kids will be kids so let them have fun and try not to get too upset when they won’t stay still enough for that Pinterest-worthy pose. You’ll find that you will get the best pictures when you are all relaxed and having a good time. Sarah_ (45)5. Take along a toy or two. These are great to shake above the camera if your little one is looking all over the show but also handy to bring some familiarity if they start to get a bit unsettled.

Make sure to check out So…Photo Studio Facebook page to keep up to date with their specials!

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    October 16, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    Ah, these photos are incredible! You all look so relaxed, and Aria looks so happy! (Also, she has the most beautiful eyes!)

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